hiking holiday in Flachau

Experience the Flachau mountains in their whole beauty! A wide valley floor, slowly rising mountain ridges, wonderful alpine meadows, beautiful viewing points and real summits are waiting for you.

Whether you want to do it on your own or with local guides as part of the daily guided walks / hikes on offer - the journey is the reward and the reward is to experience nature first-hand. To replenish your energy levels, don't miss the good "Jause" in the cosy mountain hut!

...a wonderful beauty

Feel and experience – when the snow is melting in spring, first flowers show their tender face, the meadows get coloured freshly green and it´s getting busy on the mountain huts. In summer thousands of different flowers are blooming in beautyful colours and the blue sky gets reflected in crystal clear mountain lakes. A hiking tour in autumn is a special experience also – trees change colour step by step and show their second very beatyful side in front of the clear blue sky.

...guided hiking tours

From the end of June until the beginning of September you can take part in a guided hike. We offer professionally organised, guided walks and hikes by Flachauer hiking and mountain guides for different levels of difficulty and for different topics.

Hikes to see the sunrise, peaks and panoramic tours as well as educational flora and fauna hikes too.

offered guided hiking tours

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