Wellness in Haus Oberransburg

infrared cabine in Haus Oberransburg

Enjoy peaceful and relaxing hours in our relaxing room with infrared cabin. Besides the infrared cabin you find ergonomically styled relaxing loungers in a pleasant ambience, a cosy reading corner and a separate shower area.

You can use the infrared cabin for free. It is included in the price for the apartment. Infrared light is a positive energy source in our life, similar to the long waved part of the sun light. As well as the sun, infrared light gives us the feeling of comfortable warmth supporting us with energy and power.

Infrared light and its warm energy give us an improved blood circulation in our body tissues and muscles, the immune deficiency system gets stimulated and the metabolism speeds up. You can decide yourself how intensive your personal session should be. Use it a part of your training progam or just to increase your well-being.